Do you need really need a broker to find funds for your deal?

Do you really need a broker to find a lender for you or can you cut out the middle man and go direct to the lending source.
In Buying Property - Asked by Darnell C. - Oct 5, 2011
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jaswinder b.
Delta, BC


Oct 5, 2011
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Brian J.
Fair Oaks, CA

Borrowers are free to go direct to any lender, but there will still be a loan fee, similar to the fee you would pay to a broker for shopping your loan. So either way, you're paying a fee to someone. At least if you pay it to a broker, they should be familiar with the current loan market and can typically get you a better deal.

Oct 9, 2011
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Trudy M. S.
Los Angeles, CA

Mortgage brokers and advisors often specialize across loan types, property types and geographic locations. Many have strong lender relationships unique sources of funds and potential investors for the specialty loan. In periods of tight money, lenders won't be beating down your door to lend, so the broker/agent who is compensated on the completion of the transaction is likely your best bet. Our view is that it is good to have choices. You can canvass both lender and brokered solutions anonymously, without commitment, then review, compare and select amongst the responses. The decision is typically loan specific and reviewing your options should be done quite early in the process before one starts spending money on 3rd party services like appraisals etc.

Oct 11, 2011
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Alfa Z.
Listing Administrator
Mataram, NB

Not all seller experience to sell their land or house, broker work day by day search info and collect info, if you do not need broker for your property, I think website is the solution to market your own..

Nov 11, 2011
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