Can an agent licensed in one state receive a commission on an commercial property in another state

In General Area - Asked by Neil A. - Nov 12, 2016
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Brian B.
Northridge, CA

Yes, as a referral usually 25%, but you need Referral Agreements in place.

Nov 12, 2016
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Roger T.
Modesto, CA

It depends on the the state. Some states have reciprocity with other states. Other states will allow an out of state agent to represent a buyer, but not a seller. It is best to research the laws particular to the state at issue. Otherwise, if representing a buyer, make sure your representation agreement covers an out of state transaction where you are not licensed.

Nov 13, 2016
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J. David F.
Brentwood, TN

In Tennessee, an agent not licensed for Tennessee may only receive a referral payment. They may NOT participate at all in the transaction nor receive a commission absent a Tennessee issued license.
Regarding reciprocity: Tennessee no longer recognizes blanket reciprocity, but will issue a license to out of state licensee applicant on a case by case review. There may be a requirement to only test on state law or take a course and a test, as the Tennessee Real Estate Commission may determine appropriate.
In any case only those with a Tennessee license may participate directly in the transaction regardless of the side of the transaction and receive a commission. Otherwise a referral with no participation is the rule. BTW: I am a state approved instructor.

Nov 15, 2016
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Carol S.
Wilmington, DE

Depends on the State in which you are trying to complete a transaction. There are Turf States which require you to have a license in that state to partake in any real estate dealings, including showing or touring properties, in order for you to be paid a commission or co-broke. Out of state agents/brokers can not bring lawsuits for commissions in turf states. Best to consult your broker if unsure or your real estate commission for more thorough answers.

Nov 16, 2016
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Javier D.
Scottsdale, AZ

It will all depend on the state. You can request a referral fee from the other agent. If you are interested in working with Referrals in the state of Arizona, let me know and I can give you additional details.

Nov 25, 2016
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