Can a property management company do the financial and operating reports on a property before I choose to $

Financial and operating reports are just a small part of my research that I need to have prepared for a solid business plan. I'm just trying to put it together piece by piece. I'm also not to sure if management could also provide me with all the returns, cash on cash, ROI instead of relying on pro formas.
In Buying Property - Asked by Ronnye L. - Nov 13, 2011
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Curt G.
Texarkana, TX

Proformas are usually Should be workings of a property, yes if you sign a confidentiality agreement often you can get the actual financials of a income producing property. The proformas are usually done to show you what your upside will look like when 90% occupied, or a proforma is ran when the current owner has too many personal items running in the books, say a "company car" for each of their kids and their wife, a salary for their wife and kids, vacations etc. Often the straight company financials don't show the true costs that it would take to run the property correctly with out fluffing up the expenses for tax reasons. We run across this in small operators.

Nov 16, 2011
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