Benefits of working at large CRE Brokerage like CBRE instead of small local firm?

Is it all about name recognition and marketing/research support? Or do you get more leads and put on big projects? Higher income?
In General Area - Asked by Sam M. - Nov 21, 2014
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Dean G.
Jacksonville, FL

In either place of employment, whether a large firm, or a small local firm, you will have to be able to generate business, introduce yourself to new clients, maintain the marketing potential, research comparable sales, and give your clients good practical advice. YOU will have to be pro-active in making calls, finding and working with the decision makers, and working your own network.
I had worked at a local firm that affiliated with an international entity. After five years, the President of the company had to evaluate whether the affiliation had made us money, and we all came to the conclusion that it was the individual salespeople that generate the business.
If you consider where the referral basis of the larger companies come from, it is a sales professional that made the call to the corporate office, to establish the networked connection. The successful salespeople in my market, and in any market, are the ones that can prospect, and make calls themselves. No matter how large a firm, or an affiliation is, you must have the ability to generate your own business to create value for your prospects, and thereby create value for yourself. You may want to look into the books and audio of John Klymshyn. He has been an advisor to a number of the large brokerage firms in matters of sales and consulting.

Nov 27, 2014
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Bolingbrook, IL

If you are a good sales person and know what you are talking about when talking to commercial real estate owners, they (CRE Owners) don't really care whether you work for a big or a small CRE firm. Big firms don't have customized approach to each client's needs due to their size and they use their size to charge a big FEE.
This could be your selling point going into a conversation with CRE owners. Also, many of these big firms don't have or provide a good training in place for new brokers, if not all of them. They expect you knowing all you need to know about CRE from the day one and hit the phone. They don't have time to waste with a newbie according to many people worked for them.
Successful brokers don't and won't teach you their secrets at those big firms because you would be a direct threat to their business. Therefore, you would have an advantage to start at a small but a good firm in many ways.

Dec 10, 2014
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Ron Miranda .
Houston, TX

Typically one goes to a large shop because they need the structure, training and resources. Its a safe play but many people mistakenly think that by going to a large National that they will get leads and deals just by working there. Not usually the case as you still need to bust your butt to build your business.
So in order of importance:
1. Training
2. Structure
3. Resources (research, valuations, marketing packages)
4. Name Recognition- which in the end is usually over rated.

Jan 5, 2015
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