Are licensing agreements for single tenant satellite dishes common between a building owner and the provider?

A provider wants a licensing agreement for a minimum of 3 years with renewal options to place their dish on my roof so a tenant can use their services. They also want access 24-7.
In Property Management - Asked by Michael B. - Aug 27, 2013
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JL Chase B.
Los Angeles, CA

Yes they are. They fall under FCC regulation, which means that the airspace above the building must be approved to receive the signal, and the building owner pays a fee to the FCC to allow such frequencies to be beamed toward his building. This is a common reason why some buildings DO NOT ALLOW satellite dishes. It is not because they are an eyesore, its because some cities, counties, and municipalities follow this RULE STRICTLY and enforce the FCC fee. Therefore, building owners pass this cost along to any tenant who wishes to use satellite TV service.
It is similar to a cell phone tower being on someones property. I have done many deals where private and public companies request agreements so that the building owner will not infringe and begin to poach free services. These agreements are airtight usually and, building owners are 99% liable for all damages incurred in such issues. For more information, I can help guide you to an attorney in your area that specializes in such agreements for more detailed info. There may be a small fee, but for doc review, it usually is the paralegal that does it, but their services are supervised by the lawyer, so the work has to meet standard.
Glad I could help.
J. Chase B., CEB & GM
Excalibur Commercial Advisors (CA)

Aug 28, 2013
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