Are integral covered parking and loading dock typically included advertised price per square foot?

In advertising square footage for a free-standing retail business building, are integral covered parking and loading dock typically included if all are under the same roof as the interior of the building? Or is the standard practice to list the square footage of the building interior, and use it to calculate the advertised sales (or lease) price per square foot?
None of advertisements for this particular property even mention covered parking or a loading dock, let alone their individual areas. But I was especially surprised to find that any external area was included in the building's advertised square footage and price per square foot.
In Buying Property - Asked by Ben D. - Apr 2, 2012
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Carlos P.
Monrovia, CA

Not unless space is tempered (heated or air conditioned) and/or enclosed on all sides.

Apr 2, 2012
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John M.
Irvine, CA

Your answer will differ from place to place, but I have seen "Drip line" used to determine SF. I am helping a client now and we have to pay for the drip line of the building which includes some external atrium type architectural features that have NOTHING to do with the space he is actually using.
Is it reasonable to expect that you will have to pay for areas you will use...yes the landlord should be able to charge for these areas.
What ever the size is noted on the lease will prevail, not what was advertised.

Apr 8, 2012
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Chris R.
Denton, TX

Such would not typically be included in the quoted SF total or price per SF - which is generally a quote for that space that is the interior of the building. If the parking / loading dock is adjacent to the space being leased then it may already be figured in to the rental rate being quoted. In some cases it may be an add on depending on how many spaces are needed / desired / required and used. Inquire and negotiate.

May 23, 2012
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