Any idea where can I find the historical commercial real estate data for drift and volatility(in percentage)?

In Market Conditions - Asked by Steve D. - Mar 2, 2015
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Dawn S.
Spring, TX

When i come up against the lack of data required to help me complete , my mission in helping a consumer.. I begin with tax records and at the county records office.. I also do a lot of door knocking.. You will be surprised how much data you will find this way..
I always take a note pad and record every tid bit.. and who i received the info from..
then as i read over the notes of the day .. I look for data that is (most accurate ).. Repeated multiple times by various people i interview in regards to a set amount of questions.I asked the same question to all the people.
I hope this helps.. It has helped me .. (Remember all buildings of all nature started as Raw Land.

Mar 5, 2015
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Dean G.
Jacksonville, FL

I use local property appraiser data to graph quantity demanded for my own knowledge, and the knowledge of my clients. You can do a quantity demanded graph for sales by researching the number of sales in your market. Additionally, you can use city data to determine construction on a year to year basis if your tax assessor quantifies the numbers for Year Built.
A quantity demanded graph will give you a chart for volatility, as it will show you when the real estate peak, recession, growth, and peak data occur in your market. Most brokerage firms will track vacancy rates, however a quantity demanded graph will show you the real estate cycle for each particular submarket. Showing people the volatility that actually occurred during the recession can be a sticky endeavor, because (quite candidly) the volatility of the cycle from 2007 to 2010 is difficult for the mind to wrap around. People like to do business in the realm where things are positive, and although a good dose of the truth is the best thing for property owners to grasp, I often get a flinch when I reveal where the real estate cycle actually is. You can look at the charts I have done for my market at, which will take you to my page, and if you need any more direction, contact me.

Mar 6, 2015
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